State Testing

CNA(Certified Nursing Assistant):

– CNA(Certified Nursing Assistant) are required to submit their signed, notorized applications along with money order of $114.00 to “CCRI”, and $35.00 to “General Treasurer of RI.”(These fees are included within your tuition)

– CNA(Certified Nursing Assistant) will receive their Temporary CNA license within weeks(via email, can be found on Rhode Island Department of Health website page) of mailing in applications.CNA(Certified Nursing Assistant) can obtain a job as a CNA or Home Health Aide at this time while waiting for a schedule State testing date to be mailed to them. All Temporary CNA licenses are good for up to 120 days from time of approval.

– CNA(Certified Nursing Assistant) are given three chances to pass both written and skills part of their exams at CCRI. You may reschedule 3X ONLY! To retake. If a students fails 3X in either or both, that student must retake his or her CNA training program/class all over again.

– CNA(Certified Nursing Assistant) are allowed to transfer their state license to any state within North America to work. Your state license must be renewed depending and may vary on state to state regulations

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Home Health Aide:

– HHA(Home Health Aide) Are not required to take a State Exam. But are required to complete training similar to a CNA(less hours) and must complete a clinical rotation of 20 hours. HHA(Home Health Aide) are not allowed to work as a CNA(Certified Nursing Assistant) in the State of RI, Their scope of practice differs.

Medical Skills Training Center
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Phone: 401.272.4500