Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is your Pearson Vue State Testing Pass/Fail rate? And how can a student view it?

95% overall Pass Rating AND 5% overall Fail Rating, is our current status from Pearson Vue from January 2017 to current. (MSTC)Medical Skills Training Center has a hard copy of our Pearson Vue -State Testing Pass/Fail rates located at the front desk as you walk in. We encourage students to ask to view it at anytime. It’s important for students to ask to view a schools -Pearson Vue Pass/Fail rates. Stop throwing away money! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! before signing up for something you’ll regret later down the road. MSTC over the last few months have seen an increase in the amount of students from other programs signing up for Skills and Written tutoring from us.

2. How do students view your school and its programs?

Our students are very happy-we hope…LOL.

90% of students enrolling into our program, are individuals with some type of college degree already. These students are either continuing their education-perhaps studying Nursing, Per Med, or PA program. Basically, we get a lot of inquiries from College students.

10% of our students are Housewives, mothers, fathers, or retirees looking to make extra income.

You can view our reviews on google, or visit our Facebook page and view our reviews there. We ask students at the end of each program to honestly rate us, good or bad. We don’t pay for our ratings, ask staff or family members to rate us, nor do we seek other outside companies such as local guides. We want to hear from our students.

3. Student have said your program is challenging?

That is true! (MSTC)Medical Skills Training Center students, must maintain a 75% overall GPA to pass our program. We tell students from the start, that the program is challenging, and (MSTC)Medical Skills Training Center expects only the very best from you. Our program is not meant for individuals looking for the “easy way out” we don’t hold your hands and tell you everything will be fine…cliche.
You’re an adult, and this field is for adults only! (MSTC)Medical Skills Training Center wants each and every person graduating from our program to be mentally ready, skillfully prepared-to go out and provide care. We are talking about the lives of other, it’s a huge responsibility.

4. Does (MSTC)Medical Skills Training Center offer free classes?

No, we do not offer free classes. Most places that do offer “free classes” expects you to sign a contract for 6 months to a year at a low to median pay-rate, often times you’ll find yourself working with unsatisfactory conditions. Paying out of pocket does not limit you in anyway. You can work anywhere, in any State! If you decide not to transfer your license to another state, we do our best to refer you to companies that have high standard of care within RI.

5. How does tuition payment work after leaving a deposit to reserve your seat?

When a student enrolls into our program and leave a deposit down, that student (given the timeframe of enrollment) will automatically be placed on a payment plan. Payment arrangements may be set-up for 1 to 2 payments. All tuition must be paid in full 3 business days prior to the first day of class.

6. Do you get many professional reference check-calls from businesses inquiring about a student for employment?

One could only wish. It’s alarming and disturbing the lack of calls that come-into (MSTC)Medical Skills Training Center regarding a reference check for formal students seeking employment. I would hope it matters to companies/Businesses who are providing some type of care to make sure that person being hired is a good fit, is Knowledgeable, does not have behavioral issues, is polite, professional, and a good team player.