About Us

The idea for Medical Skills Training Center came about, after a horrific experience Rey Stenberg(owner of Medical Skills Training Center) had while attending a medical training program in Pawtucket, RI. “I could not believe what was happening to me and others around me,” Rey recalls. After that horrific experience, Rey created Medical Skills Training Center. Medical Skills Training Center ensures that each student graduate, knowing the proper skills and knowledge needed to become a¬†Certified Nursing Assistant, and Home Healthcare Aide.

We strive to make each person feel warm and inviting. A place where individuals who are looking to get back to work,or looking for a career change, can go and not feel like they had to sacrifice their entire life savings just to get a step ahead in life. That is why we include everything a student may need to complete our training program, without ever having to go out and purchase a single thing.

-Your friends at MSTC

Medical Skills Training Center
681 Park Ave, Suite 11, Cranston RI 02910
Phone: 401.272.4500
Email: info@medicalskillstrainingcenter.com